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In life we all look for, want, and need  something. Something that makes us feel fulfilled, excited, and challenged. 

Last year around the holidays I found myself becoming more depressed. Ive been in that same spot before and I didnt want to be there again. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. I had followed Drew with Be Strong for almost year before I finally got the courage to send him a message. Little did I know he would have me in his gym 3 days later doing entry point training.   

I knew I had to make a change not only for myself, but for my daughter as well. I want her to look up to me, and know she too, is capable of anything she sets her mind too. I want her to be independent as well as emotionally, and physically strong. She's my biggest cheerleader and inspiration.  She is with me almost everywhere I go, even to the gym. We go home,  we run and ride bikes together, we jump rope....all while shes yelling and cheering me on "goooo mommy, you're amazing, you got this, good job mommy". That right there was enough to show me I am making an impact on my little girls life. 

Like others, I was nervous entering a new gym for the first time. Fear overcame me, but the excitement and thrill of a challenge was also there.  I wanted to find out what Be Strong was all about. Online I saw all these very fit individuals throwing weights around like its nothing. I was intimidated and it took all I had to walk through those doors but I am so very glad I did!!! 

I have been a member at almost every gym in town. I have done many programs, I have had personal trainers, I've spent so much time and money and I felt I threw it all away. I gave up and quit on myself each time. I am someone who can easily talk myself out of going to the gym. The difference with the coaches at Be Strong is that they hold you accountable, they push you to your limits, all while supporting you 100%. They are not just coaches, its not just a gym....they are family and a second home to all of us. The entire staff is passionate about fitness and they pour their hearts into the Be Strong program and its members.

I went into this gym, over weight,  with sciatica nerve pain, so out of shape and now just 4 months later I can run better, no sciatica nerve pain, I've reached more maxes in deadlifts, bench and squats then I've ever imagined!!! 

Honestly I never thought my body was capable of doing something like this but with the help of Drew and his team, those dreams have become the reality and that reality has become an addiction! Im leaner, stronger and more mentally aware of who I am now and I couldn't be more proud of myself! I even signed up for my first warrior dash this year!!!

Drew the owner of Be Strong, is so passionate about fitness and helping individuals reach their own personal goals. It amazes me everyday to see the impact the gym has on so many people in this community. My success is in part because of the amazing staff and members at Be Strong and I'm so forever grateful to have them in my life!!! 

I've learned to love myself again, to have a new passion for fitness and workout goals that challenge me and push me to be better. My new outlook on life is that whatever it may be, no matter how hard I try, I will never ever give up because failure is NOT an option!