Bob's Story

Since I was a child, I have spent every spring, summer, and fall on the lake.  Slalom skiing is my passion, and I want to continue to perform at a high level for as long as possible.  However, after years of working in construction and doing some boxing in college, my body has paid the price.  I had rotator cuff surgery a few years ago as well as my surgery to repair my ankle.  After turning 50, I started to notice that my day-to-day quality of life was declining, and simple tasks such as going for a walk with my dogs or a hike with my family was becoming difficult.  I needed to make a change and tried numerous diet and exercise programs on my own without much success.   It was a challenge to get motivated.  My teenage son competed in a weight-lifting competition this past December, and I noticed the great support among the members of the Be Strong team.  My wife read all of the wonderful testimonials about how Be Strong can work with athletes at any level, and she contacted Drew.  While I was skeptical the program would work for me, I was quickly turned into a believer.


We started the Be Strong Training program in January, and I have already lost 20 pounds.  However, more importantly, I have gained a great deal more strength in my shoulder and flexibility in my ankle, and I am no longer in pain when I walk.  The coaches at Be Strong are amazing and have provided numerous tips and techniques to help me not only perform at my best but make sure my form is correct to avoid injury.  In addition, the workouts are different each day so I am continuously motivated to reach new goals.   Thanks to the help of Drew and the fantastic team of coaches, I am looking forward to another tremendous summer on the lake and staying on my ski and being with Be Strong for years to come.