Deborah's Story

Back in November '17 I decided I was going to get back in shape. I started working out in my living room until I felt comfotable enough to go to a gym. I've tried multiple gyms and programs and nothing seemed to stick. I would get bored doing the same work outs and I wasn't seeing the results I wanted until I stepped out of my comfort zone.
That is when I decided to give Be Strong a try. I started with the 21 day program and got such positive feedback from the coaches and members and never once felt judged. This place is way more than your average 'gym'!! I recommend them to anyone looking to make a change in their health. Before i joined I was on meds for BP and migraines due to my 2nd pregnancy.
I started this journey at 193lbs and now am happy to say I'm 163lbs 2 pants size down with toner abs, arms and thighs. Thank you to all the coaches for helping me go above and beyond what I though I could ever do!