I’ve always had an interest in physical fitness and health in general. I’ve always been active. I played volleyball in high school, ran multiple half marathons, and even was a belly dancer for a while. You would think that I was comfortable and reassured with, myself but that was not the case. Fear has always overpowered me. Growing up, I didn’t want to be out of my comfort zone, being in the spot light, or just pushing myself harder athletically because of fear. I would rather miss an opportunity than try for more and feel exposed. As I got older, I battled with depression that made me lose heart in some of my athletic activities. This was also the same time I was putting myself through college and went through a difficult situation which caused drastic changes to what I thought my life was going to be. My depression got worse and I became stationary. Two years ago, I forced myself to check out a local MMA gym. Again fear almost stopped me from trying it out let alone joining. MMA became more than just a physical activity to me, it became a lifestyle. As I continued at the gym, the desire to challenge myself grew, I wanted to start my next journey in the ring and with that I need to be an even better all-around athlete. One of the reasons I came to Be Strong. 

A year ago this past July, I joined Be Strong thanks to my friend Tamecia. We were doing our own strength training program outside of the gym and she realized, we needed an actual coach besides youtube. Tamecia told me about Be Strong, and that she thought they may have what we need to achieve our goals. I went willingly, but was also hesitant at the same time. I’ve never stepped foot inside a strongman/powerlifting gym and I was intimidated. What I expected to see was an awkward environment of nothing but muscle meatheads. Actually what it turned out to be was a variety of people of all physical fitness levels and goals. I personally never thought about competing in any powerlifting, crossfit, or strongman event in my life. I remember telling myself and Tamecia many times, “that wasn’t for me”. At first, I only joined the gym for strength training and to improve my combat training, but as I continued to go there, Drew and all the coaches saw potential in me. Gradually, my desire to push my limitations and see what I was really capable of started to grow. In September Drew asked me if I wanted to run a 10K race and compete in a strongman event all in the same day. At first I thought he was crazy, but I agreed to do it anyway because the “new Gabby” has found a desire to challenge herself. I wanted to see if I was really capable of doing an endurance race and a strength event in the same day, and it turns out I can. I’ve found a passion in my life, it’s not necessarily one sport over the other, but I want to push myself to be the best I can be in all the sports or activities I set my mind to. The new me wants to continually push limits. The Gabrielle, that I have fought hard to be and evolve into, is no longer afraid to try new things. My new goal this day forward is to always #be fearless.