David's Story

In 2006 I weighed over 488 lb, was diabetic and my blood pressure was extremely high even while taking 3 different medications to treat it. Every day activities were hard and took a lot of effort. I changed my life style and over the next couple years lost over 100 lb. By 2008 I was under 400 lb off the diabetes medication down to 2 blood pressure pills with a good regulated pressure. I also was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and started using a CPAP machine which help with my blood pressure and now I was finally getting a good night sleep. Over the next 10 years life happened. In 2009 I got married, 2010 we had a baby. My weight would fluctuate up and down. I would join a gym get bored with MY routine and lack of results and stop going. 

Which brings me to Be Strong After seeing the be strong ad on Facebook repeatedly, I finally clicked on it. After reading some of the reviews, I took a big leap and filled out the form and submitted my info to try the free 21 day start up. We exchanged a few text, and set a day for  initial consultation. At the first meeting we discussed my goals which were to lose weight and gain mobility and strength that I had lost over the years and to get in better over all shape and health. Drew assessed my abilities strengths and weaknesses.

I never felt like I was being judge they were what they were, a place to start. I met with Drew several more times over the following weeks working on form and getting moving with out over doing it. The third week I was in a group doing work outs. There were moves I couldn't do and still can't do, but there are modifications that can be done to movements to help you progress and get the same benefits. Everyone I've met at be strong has been great. The coaches and members are supportive and encouraging. In the 11 weeks I've been going I've gained and toned muscle and lost 30 lbs. I've also gained health and confidence. This weekend I will participate in and finish my first OCR (obstacle course race).