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Bloomington Normal's Transformation Nation!!! From Dad bod to Dad beast is Be Strong's athlete @Jack story. 

Jack’s Testament
I didn’t work out before joining Be Strong. I would play softball and volleyball during the summer and the rest of the year I would bowl. Finding time to workout was always an obstacle for me, but the biggest obstacle of all was apathy. I was getting bigger and out of shape as I aged, it felt inevitable!!! 
In the 6 months that I have been going to Be Strong, I have seen some amazing results. I have lost 50 pounds and have increased my stamina and strength significantly. During those 6 months, I’ve completed a 5k, did a strongman competition, and deadlifted close to 500 pounds(475). Not only would I recommend Be Strong, I frequently do!  My wife and daughter have both joined since I started training at Be Strong! I talk about the gym not only to my friends, but to people I barely know.