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I decided to give Be strong a chance since I was going to other gyms and not getting the results I needed to be healthier, happier, or a physically and mentally stronger version of myself. 

My first week was difficult. My whole body ached when I left the gym because I was using muscles in a way I hadn't used them before. I continued to go even though there were days my body was sore mostly because I felt like the workouts prescribed to me were perfect for my current level. The coaches encouraged me to keep working hard. The other members welcomed me and I looked forward to training with them each day. A few weeks went by and the results came fast!!! 

Now here is the best part about joining Be Strong it's 3 years later and I am still training at Be Strong. I do still get sore because the workouts prescribed to me are perfect for my advanced fitness level. Every day the coaches still encourage me to keep working hard to continue. Now I personally welcome all new members and I look forward to watching their fitness journey as I train along side them. 

In the 3 years training at Be Strong  I dropped 6 pants sizes. I am lifting things I never thought I would lift.  Doing things I never thought I would do like climbing the 15 foot rope, or flipping a 350 pound tire.  I have more energy to play with my children. 
With the guidance of my coaches I keep setting new fitness goals. I am considerably healthier, happier, and stronger than I have ever been.  I look forward to each workout and achieving even more results. Thank you to Drew Whitted and all the coaches at #bestrong for pushing me to this point. Be Strong helped me believe I could be what I wanted to be before I had the confidence to believe it on my own. Be Strong is the last gym I will ever have to join!!!