My name is Judy, but one little girl calls me "Grandma,"  I am 52 years young.  

I am a runner who had recently started competing in triathlons. I realized I needed to add something besides biking, swimming and running into my training program because I wasn’t improving on my own. I was not sure weight training was the thing for me, but I thought I would give it a try.  I really felt like a fish out of water in the beginning since I had never held a barbell, but Drew and the coaches helped me get started. 

For some of the lifts I started out with a 12 pound "Body Bar" because I could not lift a 35 pound barbell over my head.  I couldn’t even squat to proper depth. It wasn't long at all before I was able to use a 35 pound barbell like it belonged in my hands, and not only was I squatting to depth but I recently got a new back squat max of 135 pounds!  In one year's time I can now bench press 85 pounds, Clean & Jerk 85 lbs, and Deadlift 170 lbs.  My Half Marathon times have improved by 20 minutes, and I most recently swam 1.2 miles in just over 53 minutes.   


In the Spring 2017 I completed a 90 day challenge with Be Strong and Dexa Fit Central IL. My results showed that in 90 days I gained lean muscle mass, and lost 10% of my body fat. I accomplished this with the training program created by Drew at Be Strong, and the individual meetings with Dr Dodd of Dexa Fit Central IL to go over my Dexa scans. I was able to set attainable goals from the knowledge I learned from Dexa about my body composition. 

I have a son with cerbal palsy, after I introduced him to Drew they hit it off and became fast friends.  Drew has him workout right along side of all the members.  It made me so happy when Nick told me "Now I am an Adult, I am a Be Strong athlete."

Not only do the members and coaches workout and lift together but what I also love is the fitness activities that we do together as a gym outside of classes.  They are my "Gym Family"  and I cannot imagine life without these amazing coaches. The coaches are always helping me improve my form, and technique, while shouting words of encouragement, not only to myself but to all the other hardworking members sweating alongside me through every workout.