Julie's Story

My Be Strong story begins on a Friday morning. It was the last day of my 15-year-old son’s spring break, and Connor had been bugging me to take him to this gym. He’d discovered Be Strong after walking from our home nearby, down the road and out to Wal-Mart with his friends.

Being a bunch of 15-year-old boys, they were intrigued by the beat-up car that’s always parked behind the gym. Connor was pretty sure that the people who go to Be Strong probably picked up that car as part of their training, and he wanted in. I, being a 51-year-old, overweight, out of shape, never-been-an-athlete-and-never-gonna-be-one desk jockey thought the car was a dirty piece of junk and couldn’t understand the fascination.

However, I’m also a mom who wants her kids to be happy, so I reluctantly agreed to take him and talk to the guy on Friday morning. So, we walk in, unannounced – to find Coach Drew (turns out he’s the owner). We were greeted by a hearty “Welcome to Be Strong!” and “how can we help you?”


Which led to a long conversation about our fitness goals - which is funny, because I didn’t have any fitness goals - and ended with a “Why don’t you come in with him and give it a try? See you on Monday.”

I got a quick and focused tutorial on “Functional Fitness” that first week and decided maybe I’d stick around for a little while and see if exercise would really help. I could feel my body aging, and was struggling to do everyday things that had never been a struggle before. Before Be Strong, it was hard for me (very hard) to pick up a case of bottled water off the bottom shelf at the store and lift it into the shopping cart. Basic life skills, right? 51 years old and struggling with them? Not ok.

So, we’ve been training at Be Strong for 14 months now. Connor is as fit and strong as any 16 year old on the planet and seems dedicated to maintaining a focus on fitness for life. He’s even training for a CrossFit competition this fall. As for me, I’m still a desk jockey but now I’m 52 years old, super strong, super fit and super proud of myself for joining Be Strong and learning something new.

I do learn something new at the gym nearly every day. Truly, I’ve never been an athlete, so I have a lot to learn about exercise and physiology. The coaches at Be Strong are tough, but they’re also patient and kind and supportive. If you’re looking for a gym where you’ll get individual attention, where you can train at your highest level of fitness and a place where you can learn, grow and make new friends, Be Strong is the place.

Oh, and about that case of water that I was struggling with before Be Strong? Now I do a full-depth squat, deadlift the case of water and put it in the shopping cart without a struggle. In fact, I could throw it into a cart ten feet away if I wanted to. I inhale confidence and exhale doubt every time I walk in or out of the doors at Be Strong. If that’s what you’re searching for, you’ll find it at Be Strong.