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I gained baby weight, I was a binge eater, and I was in an unhealthy relationship. The day my daughter asked " Mommy why is your stomach so big" I cried and realized I needed to do something, I joined Be Strong!!!

Before joining Be Strong my work outs were not as intense, I did not go heavy with weight unless I was doing deadlifts and I never did squats without the smith machine. Now, my numbers have improved drastically and I am able to do squats unassisted. My nutrition was also not where it should have been. Even though I worked out I did not have a lot to show for it physically.

Growing up I was never the bigger girl. I had an average build and stayed active with volleyball and dance. Things started to slightly change when I stopped playing volleyball my junior year of high school. By that time, I had already been out of dance for 2 years. I still wasn’t a big girl, but I had put on a few pound by not being as active.

I became pregnant with my daughter my senior year of high school. I gained 35 lbs throughout those 9 months. I thought I earned the right to sit around, be lazy, and eat whatever I wanted because I was growing a tiny human. I mean, I was eating for two right?

“Hey, I’m young, my body will bounce right back" or so I thought. My weight had fluctuated, and I was upset that I weighed as much as I did when I was 9 months pregnant. A turning point for me was when my daughter asked me, “Mommy, why is your tummy so big?” I stood there speechless. I couldn’t help but cry and realized right then and there that I needed to do something. Not only for myself, but for my daughter.

fter finally ending an unhealthy relationship, the binging stopped and I started to see some progress on my own, however, I knew I needed more guidance. I was familiar with Be Strong, and decided to reach out to Drew, who invited me for a fitness test. I quickly realized how out of shape I really was.

Shortly after joining Be Strong I knew this was exactly where I needed to be. Drew saw potential in me that I didn’t see. Within a few weeks, he even encouraged me to compete in a Crossfit Competition.

Since joining Be Strong, I haven’t lost any weight, but I can tell a huge difference in how my clothes fit. My strength has increased drastically in the last 5 months along with my endurance. I have become leaner in my physical appearance as well. My nutrition has also improved from what I thought was healthy eating to now properly fueling my body.

I would highly recommend Be Strong to any friend, family or stranger! This is the last gym I will ever be a part of. I’m excited to see what's in store for me as I continue my journey with Be Strong and the help of all the knowledgeable coaches!