KP Morgan's Story

Typically I watch the scale every day when I’ve been keeping myself on track. It’s my way of motivating myself because I like to see the little progress every day to know it’s worth it. Sometimes those results don’t pop up overnight which is frustrating. I know my weaknesses when it comes to accountability of myself in fitness so I knew I needed to find a community that would help motivate and hold me accountable to my goals.

That’s exactly what I’ve found. Since joining Be Strong in early May I quit checking the scale every day because honestly I don’t have to check in on the scale everyday anymore. I see my progress in other ways. In better ways. I see it in my mood, my energy levels, and most recently my duty belt! It was an awesome feeling to get ready for work one morning and really realize how lose my belt was getting. It’s a thick belt so it’s always set to the same size measured out to fit me exactly. So for my belt to be so loose that I had to take it in inches was a huge accomplishment! I look forward to training every day and making these small steps towards my bigger fitness goals.