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I have battled my weight my entire life.  I’ve tried numerous diets with no long term success.  Each pound I gained created more damage to my joints and spine causing me to live every day in pain. I realized about 3 years ago that I needed to make a lifestyle change to reverse some of the damage that I had done to my body.  I started simple by eating clean, walking and eventually running. I had reached a point that I knew I wanted to increase my muscle strength but didn’t know how to start. I have always stayed away from gyms as I found them very intimidating.  With a little prodding from a friend, ok a lot of prodding, I stepped into Be Strong.  Within the first week I knew I had found “my gym.”  Everyone, from the coaches to the members, has been supportive and beyond encouraging.  Even with the restrictions I have with my neck and back, the coaches have been able to find an alternative movements to keep me progressing on my journey. It amazes me at how much I have increased my strength and flexibility in such a short time.  I’m excited to see what my body can do as I continue to gain muscle strength.  The biggest thing I have learned about myself is that; I am stronger mentally and physically then I ever thought I could be!


Kymberlee was inspired by Emilie's story.