Here we are! 2016-2018! 3 years at Be Strong has been one heck of an experience! One that I wouldn’t give up for the world.

Started out not really caring about working out or weight lifting. Once I started working out little did I realize it would be a lifestyle that I would thoroughly enjoy and also little did I realize that I was making friends and family. Those who push you to try harder, get faster, get stronger, and to keep going. Friends that taught me not to give up even if it sucks!

Lifting has gotten me through some dark times. Lifting has helped me maintain my stress and it’s a fabulous outlet for those days when you just want to give up!

Going from 170 pounds of fat to 158 pounds of muscle is a pretty amazing feeling. I feel good every day and I love my body just the way it is. I am not ashamed of it one bit! I have done multiple competitions throughout these three years as well! From The Festivus games, Be Strong for the Holidays, and a powerlifting competition which I placed 2nd in my weight class and PR-ed all my lifts! Time to keep moving on up!!