My name is Lori! I have been a Be Strong member for 2 years now, but have known Drew for even longer than that. I started coming to Be Strong because I wasn't having much luck on losing weight and increasing my strength. I started Be Strong weighing in at 170lbs, and am currently 145lbs. I have so much more muscle then I have ever had! I have done multiple competitions since I started at Be Strong! I participated in the Festivus games in Oct of 2015. I did Be Strong for the Holidays of 2015,  which I placed third! I also did a powerlifting meet in August and placed second in my weight class and got PRs in all my lifts. Deadlift was 281, bench was 142, and squat was 253!!!!

I never thought that I would fall in love with powerlifting or working out for that matter but here we are! I have had lots of ups and downs with life stressors and turning to the gym has helped me work through everything I have been through. The Be Strong team and environment has been a place I can call a second home!