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"July 2017 is when I decided to start working-out I had no ideal what my goals were or what I signed up for; I just knew I wanted to feel physical and mentally better than what I had been. The first month was hard every part of my body was sore my legs and arms twitched and jump all night at the beginning that 1st month I made it in to the gym maybe 3 times a week. I knew that I was out of shape and it wasn’t enough by September I was there just about about every morning and working out at home at nights. By October I was down 2 pants size and 30 pounds lighter!

I went on vacation after thanksgiving/longest road trip ever I was so excited that I had the energy to not only walk up and down Beale Street in Memphis dance all night in B.B Kings then walk 6 blocks back to the Peabody hotel then to ends this road trip in Nashville on Broadway St going up several-fights of stairs the roof top bars to see the best view of the strip. I couldn’t have done it  without all of the amazing coaches at Be Strong and the members that pushed and motivated me to keep going on some days I killed the workouts and other days they killed me but I see my hard work is paying off and this is just the beginning."