Michelle was a overweight mother. She shattered bones in her legs which left her with limited mobility. She was taking multiple medications and left with no real options how to get started working out. 

For most people this would be enough good excuses to give up on health and fitness. But inside Michelle there is a CHAMPION!!!! 

A year and a half ago I was overweight, taking multiple medicines for a variety of things.  I had shattered both bones in my lower right leg and was told I would never squat to depth again and that 70% range of motion was all I would ever have.   I was also told I would never run again.  My daughter wanted to gain strength for swimming so we started at Be Strong in the classes 5 days a week. I changed my diet and continued with the classes.  Fast forward to today and I am almost 100 pounds lighter and I take zero meds.  I have run in several 5Ks, squat to depth for multiple repetitions, continue to train with my daughter and just today competed in a Strongman competition where I got 1st place and qualified for Strongman Nationals 2017.  Be Strong has been with me every step of the way with great coaching and motivation!  I am feeling stronger and healthier than I have ever felt!