Meet Be Strong member Lauri Brown here is her story: 
Day one at Be Strong Lauri was very clear about what had taken place in her life over the few months. After moving to Illinois the deep dark depression of winter had set in. Lauri lost interest in many of the things that once made her happy in life and with that her health and fitness was rapidly declining. Laurie is a mom of 3 has a demanding job in the medical field while going to school part time. Making time for her health and happiness was no longer a priority.
After a goal assessment was complete it was clear to Laurie to reach her goals under her current circumstances that 5am was the only training time for her. Week one Lauri didn't miss a single day of training and she changed her eating habits over night. Lauri stayed focused and dedicated day after day. After just a few weeks her body started to change she started becoming a healthier happier person with more to offer those around her.
Lauri has been through a complete life changing transformation. She feels it is important for everyone to know her body weight is the exact same in both pictures!!! Lauri went on to say "I'm beautiful in both those pictures. But, I was not at my healthiest. I've struggled with body image issues my whole life. But at BeStrong, as soon as you walk through the door, you see women and men of all different body types and who come from ALL different walks of life. And, they are there to support you, to say, "I started where you are can do this.." The physical change in me is a to the mental and emtionally change".... LB