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My weight would yo-yo back and forth.  I'd put on 30 pounds, start running again, lose it, stop running, and put it back on again.  I thought I was in good shape because I could run a 5k without problem.  But when I started Be Strong, I realized how wrong I was.  Honestly, I didn't even know what a burpee was before joining.  How good of shape can you be in if you don't even know what a burpee is?!

In one year at Be Strong, I've added 50 lbs to my bench press, 80 lbs to my back squat, and 100 lbs to my dead-lift.  I went from not knowing what a burpee was, to being able to do 50 in just over 3 minutes.  Most importantly, I've changed my body and my perception of my body.  I'm at my lowest weight since high school, but I honestly no long measure my health by my body weight.  I measure my health now, by my gains.  I've gained PR's, I've gained the confidence to complete my first ever half-marathon, and I've gained happiness in who I am physically, that's something I've never had before.  Looking forward to more gains in the future.