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In May of 2017, Logan and I visited Colorado and absolutely fell in love with the lifestyle.  While there, not only did we commit to spending the rest of our lives together, but we committed to make the most and take control of our lives, what we call ‘live Colorado.’ A big part of that commitment was health and fitness. We sought for our physical lifestyle to align with our newfound Colorado mindset.

I had been exposed to Be Strong through social media and had done a great deal of research on many gyms in the Bloomington-Normal area, but it was apparent that Be Strong wasn’t just a gym. When Logan expressed interest in taking his fitness to another level beyond struggling for structure at $30/mo gyms, constantly feeling lost and discouraged, I insisted that Be Strong was the only place I could support him joining. 

Logan joined in June of 2017, and I had a front row seat to see him absolutely flourish, physically and mentally.  He not only lost weight, but more importantly, he altered his body composition and health. 

For myself, fitness was always a dream that I believed was never possible. I thought that I could never lift weights or perform functional fitness workouts. Seeing what the Be Strong community gave Logan, I began to wonder whether my dream could possibly become a reality. However, I have struggled my entire life with anxiety and panic disorders. So, the idea of joining was not easy. In October of 2017, Drew and the Be Strong community welcomed me with understanding and kindness. 

It is difficult to put into words what Be Strong has given us. In terms of numbers on the scale, Logan has lost 50 lbs, and I have lost 20 lbs.  However, the number on the scale is the smallest of our victories. We successfully completed the Whole30 program and are starting round two. Fitness has become a pillar of our lifestyle. Be Strong has empowered us to be our true selves and live a life we are proud to call our own. We no longer worry about preventable health risks shortening our time together or with our future family. Physically and mentally, Drew and the Be Strong community have empowered us to ‘live CO.