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"I had been on the losing battle with my weight for 28 years. In my youth I would gain an easy 50-60 pounds every summer and spending the school year trying to lose it. By the time I hit high school I finally maintained a weight of about 190lbs playing various sports. Headed off to college and living on my own, I blossomed into a hearty 260 lbs before I was 25. I seriously pursued gastric bypass surgery, even being approved by my insurance before I decided to try once more naturally.  But within a few months I failed again.

I finally hit a limit at 285 and joined a boxing/muay thai gym and started putting in the work from 3 days a week and increased to 7. It was fantastic and I love it. I could never stick to other programs or enjoy them. I had the confidence to go further. Like many of the women in my family, I always wanted join the military. My weight was always working against me. I let the dream die. After trying to teach myself the basics of weightlifting, I realized my "teacher" didn't know jack. My boxing coach encouraged branching out. I decided to try Be Strong and see what or if I could be consistent. They even had Strongman...which I had no idea what that meant.

I called and just spilled my guts on what I wanted to do but didn't know if I had the physical ability to do it. I was even slightly shy about my aspirations to join the Airforce Reserve by mid 2016. He (Drew Whitted) invited me in and just wanted me to try it out. It was a tough week. I was used to sweating but this was a different type of workout. I was out of my comfort zone which is what I needed. December 19th I entered into my first Strong(wo)man Competition, weighing 224. I did the 18 inch deadlift successfully locking out 405lbs! Ladies, I’m not stopping there. Along with my Thai gym Be Strong have the positive people I prefer to surround myself with. Although training is tough, the individuals who do it are motivating and encouraging, both to novice and more vetted athletes, something I couldn’t find at the "commercial" gyms."